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Principles to Custom Essay Writing Services

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Derived from the manufacturing industry and subsequently inducted in production and service delivery, as George (2002) argues, lean denotes a methodical and systematic minimization of wastes, without sacrificing the quality attained for the customer. The maxim enforces the need to create more value for the customers, at the lowest possible price. As argued by, the ultimate goal of adopting the lean principles is to create perfect/optimal value to a customer at minimal costs. The reduction of cost allows increased production for the company and lower prices for the customer.

The Lean Secret Lies in Paying less for More

Few companies offering custom essay writing services have embraced the lean matrix to redefine what used to be an industry of inhuman exploitation. The fact that you desperately need the paper done within a finite deadline, and you want the paper to attain the highest possible quality, at 0% plagiarism, only exposes you to hefty exploitation. The cost of custom essays has been in many ways, exorbitant for no good reason.

Lean-Based Custom Essay Writing 

As exemplified by as US custom writings, you can indeed get cheap custom essay writing services and still delight in high-end quality. All you get is a paper created with precision of originality, defined by excellence in academic standards, and still pay an extremely affordable fee. The question that immediately accrues thereof, understandably, is how.

Waste in Essay Writing?

Lean enforces an elimination and minimization of waste. A custom essay writing services provider will only do so by ensuring that:

a) All papers follow a 0% plagiarism requirement
b) Each essay is uniquely and customary created rather than borrowed from a standard template
c) Each essay is entrusted to a qualified, certified, and experienced academic writer
d) Each essay is created with specific subscription to the instructions
e) Each client gets direct access to one writer for every paper
f) Regular updates, provision of drafts, and progressive communication between the writer and the client
g) Papers are created from credible academic sources that are then accurately attributed in the citations and referencing

Creating a great custom essay from the outset saves time for both the company and for the client. In many companies, it often takes days of communication to and from the customer before the customer understands what is needed. Given that the qualification of such writers is often questionable, the product will still be deficient in quality even after tens of revisions. The company may get numerous papers to create, but only a few clients will return for a second paper in future.

To make up for the decreasing income, the company will often increase the price the customer has to pay. This can easily be avoided when each paper created for a client is of the best possible quality from the start, reducing the time expended, but still creating a repeat customer from every student who ever tries the company and gets a plagiarism-free essay. At the core of the lean principles therefore, is minimizing the wastes by building on the product quality. The secret therefore Morgan and Brenig-Jones (2015) concur, is in creating and offering the best, cheaply.

Cheap Custom Essay Writing Services

What the foregoing list of requirements help the company attains is a minimization and ultimate reduction of waste. The company saves time that would have otherwise been wasted in revisions and cancellations, saves the costs of having to pay for paper improvements, eliminates the need for additional human resource, and increases not only the quality of the paper, but also the satisfaction of the client.

A Happy Customer is another Customer

Such a company will thus be able to offer affordable pricing for custom essays, and still create competitive incomes for the qualified writers. The customer pays a minimal cost but the process does not sacrifice on the quality attained. Both the client and the company therefore, emerge as winners, when a company offering custom essay writing services adopts the lean approach in its operations. Always know that among the few companies that have embraced the Lean matrix, you can get cheap custom essay writing services at the highest possible quality. Only then can such a company guarantee that you will come back with the next assignment.

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